Who is the PM of today and where is this industry going in 2019?

The variety of roles a Property Manager performs daily might surprise you.  From open for inspections, condition reports, maintenance to final inspections, approving tenants, property valuations and VCAT appearances… there is a lot involved! Property managers even find themselves frequently counselling clients and tenants.


There are many personality types who are attracted to property management, with certain positions that are better suited to candidates than others.


For example – Leasing Consultants generally have a very vibrant personality with a strong sales focus and love a challenge. They love dealing with new clients, enjoy a fast pace environment and they love the challenge of securing a client as soon as possible.


We are very careful when vetting our clients, making sure we match the candidate’s personalities to the job positions and the office culture – we make sure they will fit right into your team.


Changing trends – We are starting to see a trend amongst our clients of looking toward re-structuring their office and the roles to assist with the property managers workloads. They want to ensure the entire team is working effectively, efficiently and communicating properly with customers.
Our clients are outsourcing admin work to free up PM’s time, employing new software that provides for greater efficiencies with improved functionality and creating different roles within the office so communication with clients is the #1 priority within the business.

So where to now?

Do you have a growing business?  Need new superstar recruits? Or need assistance with training your staff and structuring your department?


We are here to help.

Some options we offer include:

– Experienced candidates that can hit the ground running

– Looking at putting on candidates that are new to the industry with skills that can seamlessly transition into Property Management. We have found this to be extremely successful, as new candidates with transferable skills into real estate are driven and hungry to learn everything they can to succeed.

– Do you think your rental department could be running better? Do you have systems and procedures in place needing development? Or could some of your staff benefit from further training? We can assist you with it all.


RECD are here to make sure you are more than ready for 2019 and have the support you need within your office.  Even if you are not sure what you need or how we can help, do not hesitate to contact us here at RECD – we are ready to assist.