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You know that finding the right staff is key to a successful business. You also know that putting the wrong person in a job can be a costly mistake. In fact, according to some studies, it costs fifteen times an employee’s base salary in hard costs and productivity loss.

The difficulty is that recruitment isn’t an exact science – people come in many different guises, and sometimes the best talent is hard to find. These days, with social media and the Internet, everyone has access to a huge database of potential candidates. But that’s often where the problem starts. It’s not quantity but quality that counts, and getting the right, qualified candidates is the whole point of the exercise.


That’s where you can rely on us

Our job is to sift through the vast amount of talent available and to hand-pick the ideal candidate to fill your vacancy. How do we do this?

  • We’ll build a relationship with you: we see ourselves as an extension of your recruitment function and take finding you great candidates as seriously as if we were your employees too.
  • We get to know youwell: we know how important your corporate culture is, so we’ll explore the qualities you’re looking for in your staff, not just the skills on a CV.
  • We invest time in your business: by knowing your company inside-out and by taking thorough job descriptions, we spend a little time up-front to avoid wasting your time down the line. We’ll never use the shot-gun approach, where we bombard you with CVs and hope that something sticks.
  • We recruit actively: your ideal person might not currently be scanning the vacancy ads. We’re highly experienced in the real estate industry, and recruiters who specialise in a specific discipline have a deeper knowledge of the talent pool. This is why we have access to a vast network of excellent contacts. As a result, we use skilled search and research techniques to find the best person for you.

Time is the one thing that most people need more of, and spending hours sifting through candidates that aren’t what you’re looking for simply isn’t productive. Our commitment is to save you time.

We know that every recruiter’s dream is to receive a qualified short-list of candidates that make it hard to choose just one. This is what we strive for, and this is why our loyal client-base keeps coming back to us again and again.


Where to from here?

Job Brief

A good job brief can make or break how a candidate feels about the role and their suitability to join your business. It also aids us in matching the most suitable candidates to your office, the more information and selling points we have, the more quality candidates you will receive!


Give a good understanding of what sets you a part from your competition and what your staff say about your organisation. This is paramount to making a good long-term placement.


A clear plan assists us in helping you get a great placement with minimal stress. We understand that this isn’t always possible so we do offer a temporary support desk to help alleviate the pressure.

Open Mind

Keep an open mind and a forward-thinking approach to your recruitment strategy. Remember we are always here to help.

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