Whatever happened to our manners??

I think we have all been noticing we are a little more rushed, certainly grumpier and definitely less attentive.

How it can be though, that we now find ourselves saying ‘Gone are the days of good manners’??

I remember a time when people would CALL you two hours prior to starting work to advise they weren’t going to be in today (and I don’t mean by text or email either). My desk neighbour Leah our Temp Desk Manager, has had phone call after phone call from clients the past few weeks asking why John Smith hasn’t turned up for their first day of temporary work, or why haven’t we called to say John Smith is not coming in today.

The problem is… Leah didn’t know John Smith wasn’t going to his assignment because he didn’t call us to let us know.  Leah is then on the phone trying to call Mr Smith only to find his phone is turned off… or he isn’t well and forgot to call… or there was a “family emergency” and he didn’t think to advise us.

We live in a world where there are seemingly infinite means of making contact with people, (this may sound like an exaggeration but I’m sure it’s not). Between phone calls to the mobile, call to the office phone (that has a messaging service), text messages, Facebook, Emails, Instagram, LinkedIn, SnapChat, Twitter there are more than enough means for you to think the simplest of thought to let someone know when your availability has changed.

Think beyond your immediate space. Have the forethought to acknowledge exactly how many people are inconvenienced when you don’t take the basic step to let someone know that something has happened and you can’t fulfil your obligations.

Imagine it was YOU waiting on someone that didn’t turn up or bother to let you know!