Virtual On-boarding

How many of you have a specific on-boarding plan for new recruits? And, how many of you have continued this throughout covid into a virtual workforce?

On-boarding staff correctly is essential as first impressions last, but more importantly it is a key driver for retention. The first exposure an employee has to your business is what sets the tone of professionalism and integrates the new individual into the team, essentially becoming welcomed and leaving a feeling of mutual respect.

As recruiters, we have heard time and time again of placed candidates who start a new job with no induction, they are shown to a desk and asked to get on with it.

Many of these placements do not last long-term, costing businesses financially and having an effect on the company brand and reputation. 

It is no question that it can be challenging to find time to do such tasks, however it is essential to implement a policy around on-boarding.

We offer some key tips when it comes to virtual on-boarding, this is even more important than conducting it face to face as the new starter is isolated at home.

  1. Before the start date ensure weekly contact is made, this keeps the new recruit engaged and excited to join the company. No one wants a no show on day one! 
  2. Drop off a welcome pack prior to starting, this can include the necessities such as a laptop and chair, (ensuring a correct ergonomic set up of course and correct WH&S) alongside something nice i.e. A bunch of flowers, donuts or a bottle of wine for the first Friday team drinks, hand written notes also go down a treat in this digital age!
  3. Welcome the individual personally through a video or phone call. The owner of the business and the department manager should deliver the welcome message, reinforcing the company’s excitement and inclusion into the team.
  4. Clearly explain the company culture and background of the business, providing a thorough story about the company the person is joining helps them care and feel connected to the brand.
  5. Introduce the new recruit to the team, this can be through an email or video, and encourage other staff members to reach out.
  6. Buddy the new staff member up with another team member, this can be for daily check ins and assist with breaking the ice.
  7. Make things fun! Hold a welcoming happy hour or lunch and encourage attendance from team members in a more informal setting.
  8. With training over zoom or teams, ensure there are regular breaks to avoid informational overload, try to not do back to back meetings where possible.
  9. Attempt to have a small project the team member can deliver on in the first week, this leaves a feeling of accomplishment and is engaging for the individual to achieve something.
  10. Lastly, keep the lines of communication regular and encourage feedback on the on-boarding process to improve for the next recruit.

It is more important now than ever to get this right, to ensure new team members feel included and welcomed to your team. 

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