The Golden Rules of Communication – Top Tips

Three years into my recruitment career and I am still constantly surprised by candidates who fail to communicate clearly.

I posted about year ago on entry level tips to help get your foot in the real estate door. I now feel the same applies to all candidates regardless of experience or the position you are applying for.

The real questions are:

  • How can a candidate stand out above the rest?
  • How can you successfully secure a role in real estate through a recruiter who genuinely has your best interests at heart?

Help us help you!

Rule #1 – When making an application for employment please put your correct contact details on the application.  This includes Name, Email and Mobile. Make sure it is clear on your resume so we can call you. I have lost count of the number of times I go to make contact with an applicant and there is no way to contact them.

Rule #2 – Have a professional voicemail message.

Rule #3 – Make sure you are in a quiet place where it is okay to discuss your opportunities. We are happy to call you back at a more appropriate time, and understand you can be very busy at work.

Rule #4 – If you are running late to your interview, call and let us know.  It is generally not a problem if you communicate. If you cannot attend/ need to re-schedule the same applies. Otherwise, show up 10 mins prior to your interview and do not be late. First impressions count. It will be how you are remembered.

Rule #5 – Dress in corporate attire for any interview. Your outfit communicates how you will present at interview with the client and also at work in the future. The fact you are meeting a recruiter does not matter.

Rule #6 – Follow up and call back. When we represent you for a position and you have had an interview, please give us a call afterwards and let us know how you go. We love feedback – positive or negative… we have heard it all before.

If you have found a job outside our service… that is okay. Don’t disappear! Let us know, and we will congratulate you and send you a card. Our relationship is for the long term.

Your recruiter is your best friend, confidant and guide. Remember to treat them well and keep them on your side. You never know when you may need them again!

Kate Rowe 
Recruitment Consultant