Six Mistakes of the Modern Job Seeker

Undoubtedly the employment space has changed dramatically over the past few years. How we recruit, what we are looking for in staff, ‘buzz words’, characteristics and company culture are a few of the key areas impacted.

The job seekers space is also evolving. What they are looking for, how they want to work, what’s important in an employer and what they expect from their work place to mention a few.

Regrettably we still see a lot of age old mistakes by job seekers. Regardless of time we are in, the outcome of making these basic errors remains the same. Here are the top six and how to avoid them –

1 – Not being honest and transparent.

As the old saying goes “Honesty is the best policy.” If you are clear from the start on what your personal goals are – you can focus on reaching the desired outcome of achieving those goals, (as can the recruiters you consult and companies you look to work for).

2 – Being unrealistic.

Do your market research. If you are looking for a specific role, understand the salary brackets and role requirements that come with it. Don’t apply for something that you are not qualified for, or ask for a salary which is over and beyond your skill base for the position.

3 – Failing to recognise career growth attributable to a position.

Money isn’t everything! We clearly all go to work to earn money, but if one company is offering a lot more than the other there may be a reason why. Don’t expect everything right here and now. Go back to #2 – doing your research. Look at the career opportunities within the organisation and the potential for financial growth in the future. How many people do they employ? How many have been there long term? What has their growth been like in recent times? All great questions you can ask in an interview

4 – Applying for every job you see.

Please don’t apply for every job on every job platform that seems to fit the bill. You cannot want or desire every position. Be specific and focused. If a recruiter is representing multiple opportunities of interest to you, they will discuss those options with you. REMEMBER – research the recruiter before you apply. Make sure you are dealing with someone who will represent your interests appropriately. The wrong recruiter will farm you out to every client which will significantly impact your chances of gaining successful employment

5 – Failing to communicate.

Communication is key! Ensure that you return calls and emails in a timely manner. Employers/recruiters are often working within a time frame, therefore it is necessary to respond quickly and efficiently to make sure you do not miss out on an opportunity.

6 – Forgetting your manners.

It is most important to be appreciative and polite with EVERY person in the recruitment process you come across. The most memorable/ successful candidates are the ones who go above and beyond with their personable character at all times.

Happy job hunting in 2018!

Kate Rowe
Recruitment Consultant