Signs It Could Be Time to Find a New Job

Do you go to bed on Sunday night dreading waking up Monday morning? Have you been falling ill more often, or are you increasingly feeling irritable, down or excessively tired? Are you on autopilot at work, simply going through the motions and feeling no real joy, excitement or progression?

If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, you’ve likely reached a crossroads in your current job. It’s now time to answer the question – should you stay or should you go?

To help you make your decision, we explore six key signs that may indicate finding a new job is the right move for you.

You’ve Outgrown Your Position

If you’ve reached a point where you no longer feel challenged or passionate about your work and you’ve discussed this with your manager, but they can’t offer you further options, then it’s time to explore new Real Estate pastures.

Fortunately, the Real Estate sector is ripe with exciting opportunities. You might be interested in taking a step up from leasing administration to property management or reskill and forge a path in business development. In such a dynamic field, the possibilities are near limitless.

If you don’t feel like there’s anything left to learn it’s a good idea to explore your options and move into a new position instead

You Don’t Feel Adequately Acknowledged

Everyone should feel valued and recognised for their hard work – it’s what makes you want to wake up and go to work in the morning! You should feel satisfied with the work you’re doing and that means having your boss acknowledge the effort you make.

You might have missed securing one too many exciting project opportunities or promotions. Management doesn’t acknowledge you – or even worse – you find your decisions are consistently overturned or advice ignored. If this is the case, a new Real Estate position might be on your horizon.

You’re Not Being Paid for Your Skills

With the cost of living on the rise it’s important that the work that you do accurately reflects your worth. If you have noticed that your benefits and salary package haven’t changed since you started your role but your responsibilities have, it may be time for a conversation with your boss.

If you’re unhappy and there’s no wiggle room for improvements or segueing into a promotion that will make you feel happier, then this is a good sign to start your new job search. It’s a tough decision to come to but you deserve to be paid for your skills and acknowledging this can give you confidence in your job search.

The Culture Has Changed

If you think back to what first attracted you to your current company, it’s likely their great culture and values were high up on your list. As time moves on, things can change. Management and staff turnover, business priorities are revised, and strategy shifts.

In this process, sometimes decisions are made that contradict company values, adversely affecting the culture. It could even be you that changes, resulting in a misalignment between what you value and what the company does.

As a great working culture and an alignment in values are two essential ingredients for happiness at work, a mismatch might signal a job change is in order.

There’s a Significant Change in Your Physical and Mental Wellbeing

Unhappiness at work can seep into all parts of your life, leading to you feeling that weight physically and mentally. You might find yourself short-tempered or consistently feeling down. If you haven’t, your family and friends may have brought this to your attention. Perhaps sleeping, drinking, eating and socialising patterns have changed, and/or you are sick quite often.

These are all symptoms of prolonged stress and if not addressed, can lead to its more sinister cousin, burnout. In the Real Estate industry especially, burnout is a very real threat. A new report by MRI Software details that 53% of Property Managers struggle with switching off after work which is impacting their mental health significantly.

A change of job might be a great antidote to this, and you can help yourself to avoid burning out and feeling hopeful for your working future, too.

You’re Here

The fact that you’re reading this article is telling. It means you’re proactively taking steps to seek out information to support a gut instinct – that the time to move on has arrived. It’s a gut instinct for some to know that the time is right to change their career path.

Seeking out answers in blogs like this one is a good sign that the time has come to make a change.


Life moves so quickly that you don’t often realise the way you feel about your job may be changing and you’re no longer getting any job satisfaction from it. Whether you are in Real Estate already and you are itching for change, or you are seeking guidance about moving into the industry, you will know whether you are ready to look for a new job.

If you’re still unsure about changing positions, consider contacting one of our Real Estate recruitment specialists. We can help you weigh up the pros and cons of your current position. If you still choose to leave, we can support you to find a role that reignites that spark for your Real Estate career.