Recruiting Over Christmas? Here’s How to Plan Well!

Recruiting Over Christmas? Here’s How to Plan Well!

Recruiting over Christmas doesn’t have to be a nightmare. In fact, we see it as a fantastic time to tap into your creative resources and harness the spirit of the season. Of course, like anything, if you are going to make your efforts count, it just takes a little planning.

In this article, we’ll unlock some ideas to help optimise your recruitment process, attract your ideal candidate, and leave you with time to enjoy a Christmas tipple or two!

Candidate First, Strategy Second

In this industry, qualifications only count for so much. Experience, soft skills and personal attributes should be your target. For example, property management requires a detail-oriented mindset. Set your sights on someone who can demonstrate a history of managing timelines for multiple properties and successfully supporting clients to reach their property goals.

If you anchor your strategy to a well-defined candidate profile, you will save yourself a lot of precious time.

Be Clear on Your Proposition

In today’s candidate-led market, a company that can demonstrate that they prioritise work-life balance and collaborative working relationships will stand out.

Further to this is the growth offering. Property management is an ever-changing industry. Supporting the growth and evolution of your teams’ skill sets improve the quality of your team and your business.

A strong employee proposition will enhance your hiring process and help direct those in-demand candidates to your company. 

Woo Your Preferred Candidate with a Compelling Job Description

A well-crafted job description is a powerful recruiting tool. The details of which should not be rushed or overlooked. 

Set the tone with a conversational and friendly voice. With your candidate profile in mind, use language that speaks to them directly. You might consider incorporating key search terms that your ideal hire may use. 

Be thorough in describing the role, your team, and the opportunities available to them should they join your company. The more detailed your description, the more likely you are to weed out the deadwood, which means less time screening undesirable applicants.

Get Creative

According to the ABS, 1.3 million people (or 9.5% of employed people) changed jobs during the year ending February 2022, the highest annual job mobility rate since 2012. Despite this, competing for candidates is a constant and growing challenge for many employers. 

We see this as an exciting opportunity to get creative in your recruitment efforts. Christmas is the perfect time to think outside the box!

With people in festive mode and more time to engage, why not take to social media to tell your story and share your company’s vision. Using striking imagery and video is powerful way to help people imagine themselves as part of your team. 

The ‘what’ of a job is no longer compelling enough. People need a why!

Use the Power of Your People

Christmas is a naturally social time. People spend a lot of time connecting with their friends, family and wider networks. Why not take advantage of these networking opportunities and encourage your team to passively scout for talent as they banter over a festive barbeque.

After all, who better to advocate for your business and drive your Real Estate recruitment campaign than a loyal and happy staff member?

Screen, Interview, Hire


During this busy Christmas period – and to keep your hiring process moving forward – we suggest you focus your efforts on the following areas:

  • Experience over qualifications – a person with bundles of experience may provide the know-how your team has been missing.
  • Growth mindset – these people are problem solvers, quick thinkers and challenge-embracers. They make exceptional Property Managers!
  • Demonstrated commitment, loyalty and enthusiasm – a candidate with a history of being a loyal and involved employee deserves a ticket to the next round.


Your candidates are vetted and ready for the interviewing process. Are you? 

With good preparation, the interview should drive itself. Remember to ask targeted and specific questions that will unlock answers and help bring your ideal candidate to the fore.

Don’t forget to take notes!


Once you’ve landed on your dream candidate, don’t waste time. Make them an offer and an official member of your team. Time lost here could see them walking out the door to join the competition.

It’s also likely that your property portfolio’s needs will be exacerbated by the demands of the Christmas season. Have all the necessary paperwork and contracts ready so they can hit the ground running!


The key to successfully recruiting over Christmas is to plan well, and at this time of the year, with your sights set on future goals, planning is everything. An ill-conceived recruitment campaign could leave you empty-handed or disrupt your momentum heading into the new year.

Here at Real Estate Career Developers, we know people and we know a few things about Real Estate jobs in Australia. In fact, we’ve worked hard to build a team of Real Estate Recruitment specialists to work alongside our clients and achieve exceptional outcomes! This Christmas don’t let the season’s stresses derail your recruitment process. Contact the team at Real Estate Career Developers and let us give you the gift of our experience. It might just be the best gift you receive!